EK Games - Let’s Learn Phonics!

Visual novels with integrated activities for phonics practice

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The Sound of Short A is the first prototype module in the series “EK Games: Let’s Learn Phonics!”, an online game with 36 modules that seeks to give students everywhere extra phonics practice, while representing Indian characters and encouraging cultural awareness. Each game features the same two protagonists, Meena and her dog Mani. Follow these two on adventures around their town in India!


The body of each game is a visual novel, which follows a similar story line to each phonics books already developed and emphasizes the use of engaging visuals and repetition to improve retention. We attempt to make it feel interactive by giving the player choices in the story, and allowing them to adjust the settings to fit their preferences.

On each page, the player reads and listens to the line of the story, and has the option to listen the sentence again, go back to previous parts of the story, and listen to the featured phonetic sound.


Each module includes an activity that is integrated into the story line. In ‘The Sound of Short A’, this is a game in which the player clicks on objects on the screen to try and find a cat. The player clicks on various objects with short A sounds, such as “mat”, “man”, “hat”, “lap”, and sometimes instead of the cat finds a “rat”, or a “can”. Hovering over each object prompts the word to be spoken out loud. The repetition of these words improves students’ understanding of and ability to imitate the phonetic sound.

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As we continue to develop these games, we’re looking for your feedback! Send us questions you have, suggestions, and what you want to see in future games!